Welcome To The Website Of Bassist Mick Paul.

DCB Stazione Birra Rome 2008Mick Paul is an established bass player, and has played both session and live bass with many high-profile acts.

Mick’s original influences were Yes, King Crimson, Frank Zappa and Chick Corea.  After many years of doing studio and TV sessions and pop tours, in May 1995 he joined the David Cross band and rediscovered his love of prog rock and fusion.

The David Cross band has over the last five years toured Europe and Asia. In April 2010 Mick toured Europe with Mr Big vocalist  Eric Martin and his recent studio credits include Little Boots  / Aggro Santos / Aviv Geffen / Millionaires / Snap.

When he is not in the studio or playing live, Mick runs a number of bass workshops.

We’re pleased to launch Mick’s official website, where you will be able to find out the latest news and download bass tuition lessons.

Custom bass tracks

Simply send Mick a stereo mix of your track as an AIFF / WAV or MP3 with a two bar count and preferably a click running through the track and tell him what the BPMs are.

He will return you a separate bass track and include various alternative parts which you can cut and include according to your choice.

Visit the buy lessons page for more details.