About Mick

Originally taught classical guitar by recitalist Julian Byzantine, Mick was offered a course at the Royal Academy of music in London, he declined this in favour of the bass guitar and the possibility of money. In the 70s he did ‘Top of the Pops’ with an embarrassing band and toured Europe.

During the 80s Mick did  BBC TV sessions and toured the UK and Europe with the infamous ‘Killer Whales’ being produced by Mike Ratledge and Carl Jenkins from ‘Soft Machine’ from 1984 Mick was the in-house bass player for a studio in Acton in west London, doing loads of sessions playing fretless bass, he was also starting to write his own material and in 1987 he was commissioned by the Labour party to write a song for Neil Kinnock’s election campaign.

In the 1990s Mick was still doing session work, the most notable being ‘David Hasselhof’ (Arista records) and ‘Aquarius’ (yello records). From 1992- 1993 Mick was involved in producing dance records for a subsidiary label of Virgin records with percussionist ‘Pascal Benadjoud’.

In June 1995 Mick joined the ‘David Cross’ band and within a couple of weeks was touring Germany playing bass and doing lead vocals, Mick says “I very quickly realised Paul Clark’s and David Cross’s incredible ability and talent” in 1998 David, Mick, Dan Maurer and Pete Sinfield co wrote and produced ‘Exiles’ (Red Hot Records) Mick says “working with David, Pete, Robert Fripp, John Whetton, and Peter Hammill was awesome”.

In 2005 Noisy Records released ‘Closer than Skin’ written and produced by David, Mick, and Richard Palmer James.  2005 also saw the DC band touring Japan, with new line up, David Cross violin /Paul Clark guitar/Alex Hall keyboards/ Joe Crabtree drums/ Mick Paul bass.

In 2006 the DC band did a tour of the UK and Mick and Joe played on ex Coliseum guitarist James Litherland’s album ‘Real men cry’.

In 2007 the David Cross band played Stazione Birra in Rome which was also broadcast on Sky Europe. 2008 saw a line up change in the David Cross band with Craig Blundell joining on drums and Jinian Wilde vocals, this change has propelled the band up to another level. February 2008 the DCB played Naples and Rome, the Tivoli Rock festival in July and Colfelice and Cuppra Marrittima festivals in July/August. In July 2009 Mick played on ‘Don’t look back’ for ATFC/GhostCopy, this single was fairly succesfull as it was released on The Ministry of Sound ‘Hedcandy’ summer 2008 album In February 2009 DCB played L’aquilla and Rome before the dreadful earthquake devastated L’aquilla, this news upset the whole band as L’aquilla is a wonderful place. Mick has just played on a ‘Stonemasons’ remix of a ‘Littleboots’ track ‘Remedy’.

In April 2010 Mick toured Europe with Mr Big vocalist Eric Martin

Mick runs his own commercial recording studio in West Sussex.



6 string Overwater Progress Bass
6 string Modulus Quantum fretless Bass
5 string Modulus Quantum Bass
5 string Fender Jazz Bass


Ampeg SVT 3 PRO Bass amp
Ampeg SVT 8 x 10 Bass cab
Ampeg SVT 4 x 10 Bass cab


Stazione Birra
Crossroads Live Club
Ghost Copy
James Litherland
Joe Crabtree
Curse of the 9th
Overwater Basses
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